Thursday, August 28, 2008

Butterfly Caterpillar

(black swallowtail caterpillar?)

I'm so excited! We were out playing with the dogs and I spotted this caterpillar in the parsley...I'm pretty sure I never saw the mother (or the father for that matter)...but I wonder if this is a black swallowtail caterpillar. That would be so great -- well it will be great whatever it is.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back with a Safari

Hi, we did not get eaten by bears or have any mishaps on our trip. Our trip was fine and was only a few days long, I might make some posts later (or might not). But being gone did offer an "easy" disconnect from the blog world.

Anyways a lot has happened in the garden front...I even missed a Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day...but it is easier for me to start with a good ol' Safari.

This is my purple aster's a bit early for blooms, but there are bugs there!

Good thing there are plenty of these around.

Speaking of these...the bees seem to be quite happy, or is it anxious the summer is closing? I have see a lot of bumble bees in the garden...they seem to like the basil. Here's one bee I spotted.

Another bee hanging upside down in the flower.

Look who visited on their way through!

I have been happy to catch a Monarch in the garden almost every year. Usually just one or two, but they always pay me a visit. It makes my garden feel like...a garden.

That's it...I will try to get be into the swing of things. Besides this is supposed to be my record keeping too.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Safari: Pupas

It's Sunday, and I have a Safari...even if it is gray and rainy right now. Next week I will probably be late -- we are going on a little vacation...some scenic roads, visits to parks, and camping. When I get back I can post my remote safari pictures. On to the today's safari...

Well, some of the lady beetle nymphs I posted about earlier have started their pupal stage. Now there are these funny looking bumps on the plants. I know it's perception, but it seems that these insects start as innocent looking eggs, emerge as fierce looking nymphs, form funny looking pupas, and end up friendly little ladybugs.

(ladybug pupa)

I caught this red colored dragonfly resting. I noticed and read that some rest with the wings forward like this.

The bumblebee is interested in the onion blooms. It seems to be "Bee" season here (when it isn't rainy) there are many buzzing around lately.

My "friendly" wasp is still hanging around. I believe it has a ground nest somewhere in the vegetables...haven't had a conflict yet (or found a hole). It should be okay as the area the nest is located doesn't need to be disturbed until fall cleanup.

I'm going to end with a fly...this one is more bronze or brown instead of the greens I have seen.