Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Snow 2008

I will call this our first snow of the season...with a howling wind, we received a bit of snow that is sticking around for the day. I'm sure by tonight it will be mostly gone. Next week is supposed to have some pretty nice days, so this will not last - but it's a first look.

Dakota was not too excited yet...

Snow covered most of the plants today - I think many will suffer from the snow and overnight freeze.

A few days ago it was rain we had, and the last late flowers were still trying to race the freeze. I think some have missed their deadline to produce seeds...

The sunflowers did produce, and birds are happy

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Fall...

...And I am falling behind in my garden updates. I will try to make some posts even into the winter, but as you can tell I have slowed down a lot from Spring.

This time of year the garden is moving into hibernation and the weather is turning. The fog above is my breath Monday morning - our first frost to hit the car windows. We've had a couple light frosts, but this was the first I had to scrape from the windows.

The grass was highlighted in white, although many protected areas did not get condensation this time. Today many very tender plants like Basil and Tomato have been killed. Many hardy and semi-hardy plants are still fine.

Ah, the autumn...the last warm sunny days are great with smell and sounds of fallen leaves.

The sound of little paws crunching though the many piles brings a smile.

The Red River of the North had a late flood this year with a very wet September.

Just last week the river was about 7.5 feet above flood stage - enough to cover no parking signs on the low roads. If I recall this was close to a record for fall. Today it is below flood stage until Spring.

Well that's my update - now I need to visit all of my bogging friends out there.