Monday, March 24, 2008

Seeds List

Here are most of the seeds I am working with this year.
  1. Basil, Cinnamon: Ocimum basilicum
  2. Carrot: Nantes Half Long
  3. Carrot: Short 'n Sweet
  4. Cauliflower: Little Cloud Hybrid
  5. Cucumber, Burpless: Tasty Green Hybrid
  6. Dill, Mammoth: Anethum graveolens
  7. Lettuce, Butterhead: Burpee Bibb
  8. Lettuce, Looseleaf: Gormet Blend
  9. Lettuce, Looseleaf: Green Ice
  10. Mixed Flowers: Heralds of Spring
  11. Nasturtium: Fordhook Favorites Mix
  12. Parsley, Extra Curled Dwarf: Petroselinum crispum
  13. Pea, Snap: Sugar Snap
  14. Pumpkin: Big Max
  15. Radish: Cherry Belle
  16. Spinach: Space Hybrid
  17. Sunflower: Evening Sun
  18. Swiss Chard: Bright Lights
  19. Tomato: Red Lightening Hybrid
  20. Tomato: Super Sweet 100 Hybrid
  21. True Lavender: Lavandula angustifolia
  22. Watermelon: Crimson Sweet
  23. Wildflowers: Burpee's American Mix
Now, when and where to plant everything...

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