Sunday, March 8, 2009

Planting Records 2009

Record of 2009 seeds and plantings. This page will (probably) be updated throughout the season as plants are added and growing notes are made. I will put a planting layout, garden information, planting dates, and a plant/seed list. Some things will be "TBA" while I get it all in order.

Past Seasons
Garden Plans
Planting Actions
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Past Seasons:

Planting Records 2009 (here)
Planting Records 2008

Garden Plans:

Layout for Spring 2009:

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Here are the vegetable beds I am planting this year. I have filled in some things like perennial crops and will soon fill in other crops. The new beds will not get started until after the ground can be worked - I will add compost and raise them.

Additional layout notes:
  • I decided to put the sunchokes in a northern part of the yard (position not reflected in the diagram). This way they are far from other beds and vegetable production.
  • I will try to so a spring and fall planting as well as some succession plantings, so a few of the crops will change over the season.
  • Radishes will be planted in various spaces as they fit.
  • This year I will really try to get some companion planting done. It will make the new space more inviting to a the insect friends and to people. I will just have to keep and eye and make sure not to crowd anything out (I have done that in the past).

Garden Information (Some are also links on the right bar)
  • Zone 4 (1990-2006 Maps)
  • Dates: Frost Dates (NOAA)
    • Soil Workable: April 06 - April 15
    • Last Frost Date: May 10 (50% 32F), May 20 (50% 36F), May 27 (10% 36F)
    • First Frost Date: Sept 27 (50% 32F), Oct 07 (90% 32F)
  • Seed Germination Range by Temperature (Victory Seeds)
  • Soil and Weather Observation (NDAWN North Dakota)
Some Useful Sites for Planting Times:
Planting Actions:

Note on key dates:
Cool = As soon as soil is workable 4-6 weeks before last frost.
Warm = After last frost (up to 3 weeks later depending on crop).
Fall = From date of first frost.

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Seed List:
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