Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Seed Orders

Since we are awaiting a blizzard today, I figured I could get a post up :-)

We have received some orders of seeds (actually some weeks ago). This will be the first year of ordering many seeds rather than getting them at a local store - just more variety this way I guess. The two orders (of three) came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Jung Seeds & Plants.

You can find a seed list and planting records for 2009 here.

It was actually exciting to get something I wanted in the mail (not just junk). Baker Creek is a great source of heirloom seeds and non-GMO. I ordered nine packets from them and got a bonus pack of white carrots...which is funny because I was excited to try growing parsnips this year. Also among the packets are some common edible flowers I want to try.

From Jung I ordered one packet of seeds and got three additional free trial packets that I didn't expect - happy to have more seeds. I also have some Sunchokes coming from them later in April when I can plant the tubers - never eaten or seen them in person though. I thought they would be something new. Although after reading more, I am a little afraid....they get very tall and are difficult to remove (don't know how aggressive they are about leaving an area). I will just plan a more permanent spot for them and try to have a border.

I can expect another set of seeds in the next week or so (weather dependent I suppose). My next task will be to get a few more starting supplies and some seeds I planned to just buy in the stores.

As for a planting schedule, there isn't too much to start yet. Later in the week are some hardy plants that need more time to germinate. They can go out mid-April whenever the soil dries out some. Most cool season plants I will try to direct sow in April, though some are recommended as transplants - so I will make some indoor starts of those. Warm crops like tomatoes will be started late-April since they cannot go out until around May 25 (I don't want them to get too big indoors).

Winter is hanging on here, so thoughts of seeds are cheery....and visiting other blogs helps too!


Cheryl said...

Spring has arrived at my gardens, although the wind is cruel....a north easterly and very cold.....

It is nice to get a package full of seeds.....the heirloom seeds are very popular here....
parsnips are amongst my favourite vegetables....I love them with a Sunday roast.....

Look forward to seeing your gardens as they progress.......

Anonymous said...

Ordering seeds & plants always cheers me up during the dreary days of winter. Looks like you got a great selection. :)

ChrisND said...

Cheryl, yes the wind seems to like winter to stay here while the sun tells me Spring is near.

I actually first eating parsnips this past winter (to my memory anyway) and thought they were great in our stew...So, of course they deserve a chance in the garden.

ChrisND said...

Hi, Perennial Gardener. The winter does grow shorter when you can spend your time first looking at all the catalogs. Then as spring nears, the arrivals in the post turn up the anticipation!

kate smudges said...

I am impressed by your planting records. What a great idea! I'd love to start my seeds now, but I've learned not to start them too early. Our frost date is around yours ... since I'm doing more veggie gardening this year, I will be checking out your blog often for help!! I hope the blizzard isn't too bad there. We've got a weather warning tonight and through tomorrow morning. Temps around -40F and below. I hope this is the last stretch of frigid weather!

ChrisND said...

Kate, well I figured if I get organized I might get more done :) - I guess I'm a bit of a planner anyways. Yes, I am learning not to start things too early....I'm glad you could visit.

The Blizzard is about done now...we got 8-9 inches of snow in the last 2-days and the wind has driven the temps down to -30 to -40F. So, it's not so much the blizzard as the cold that is behind the frost we are expecting a few days at least 30 degrees colder than average! I hope there aren't more, but I expect more (and will be happy if there isn't).

Connie said...

Sorry about your blizzard...sure don't miss those nasty things!
I started my first indoor seeds today...peppers and petunias.
I've grown Sunchokes...we like them raw in salads. It is nearly impossible to harvest all the pieces, so choose your spot wisely and expect them to return.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Chris, thanks for reminding me of Jungs seeds. I don't have their catalog this year.

Temps down to 9-degrees this morning.
Spring seems so far away.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I thought of you when I saw the national weather. The super cold would be hard on my old bones! Glad you are staying warm.
I have bought seeds from Baker
Creek for many years. I went to one of their harvest festivals. Very nice people.
I also order from Seed Savers Exchange. Both have organic seed. Seed Savers is wonderful. I spent a day touring their farm. Amazing place!
I also have trouble waiting to sow my seeds. I do "winter sowing" now. There is a web site that explains the how to. So easy!
Indoor seed sowing is for decorative purposes or eating!
Stay warm...enjoy planning the gardens. Soon the ice and snow will
melt and you will be out in the dirt!

ChrisND said...

Connie, it's a little fun to have a snow day though...the cold is another matter.

I think I will like the Sunchokes...I am thinking of a nice permanent spot to put them. The neighbors will wonder again if they get 8' tall -- they already asked about our edible sunflowers peeking over the fence.

ChrisND said...

Hi Roses and Lilacs...I got the Jung catalog this year and liked that they seem to be a bit more aligned to my zone - at least in advise. They seem to have some interesting plants in the fruit that I might want to try someday.

Yes, -20F tonight - but up to +40F by next Tuesday...as long as that arctic air says away.

ChrisND said...

Hi Sherry. Yes, without heat I guess we can take a three-dog night (2 dogs plus one human)...we also have plenty of fuel for heating.

It would be fun to visit Bakersville...they have a friendly catalog as well. I haven't looked at Seed Savers Exchange yet....just browsed their site and it looks like one to put on my list :-). I keep saying I will try winter sowing...just need to read up on it a bit and see what plants I can try it with.