Thursday, May 1, 2008

Green Grass and Indoor Pea

We've recovered from our last Spring snow. I guess this was our second snowiest April in weather history. Well, the grass is really greening up now and it won't be long before the first mow.

Our seedlings faired the snow and 20F nights just fine, so they lived up to their cool season reputations.

I have started to notice a lot more birds in our yard this Spring. This sparrow was building a nest (they live in our clothes line tubes). Robins are visiting the yard and drinking at the bird bath. I have been waiting for them to visit since we moved in a couple of years ago. And I spotted a finch of some sort picking at some dried vines- I thought it was nesting or something. It turns out he was eating bugs, let me know what they are if you can.

We planted some violas and pansy in what will be an herb bed.

Some of the tulips have formed buds, maybe they will bloom by the 15th. Other tulips are recovering from having their leaves crushed by snow.

These hyacinths made it through the snow with their flowers intact. There is also growing rudbeckia, daisy, and grape hyacinth.

And then there are the other kids...See all the things emerging from the winter sleep now. A coneflower or aster, purple aster, hosta, something volunteering by a half barrel, and a few treasures in the "south" bed.

My last photo of the day, I got a surprise this week. Pea pods indoors. I tried an experiment in February and planted a couple of sugar snap peas in a container inside. They are now flowering and producing pods! They are not profuse and I'm not sure what the quality will be, but they did grow.


Northern Shade said...

As another northern gardener, I know how those late April snowfalls put things into suspended animation.It looks like your bulbs took it in stride though. The hyacinths look great. Now with your finches on duty, maybe they'll take care of the bug problem.

ChrisND said...

Thanks. Yeah, I think our area is awaking for real this time. We had some rain and it will be a cool night today - So I hope the combination and birds zap the bad bugs.

Margaret Roach said...

Thank you for listing me in your blogroll, which led me to your blog about you even-colder garden. After a week of 80ish, we had high 20s overnight several nights ago, so needless to say, I understand. And it was sunny out three days ago with snow flurries...I thought my vision was going. OPh, and sparrows are eating the grass seed I sowed :-(

ChrisND said...

Thanks for the reciprocal visit Margaret! Those roller coasters of temperature change really make things "interesting".

Wow, 80s to 20s...That doesn't sound fun if it's unexpected. Guess thats when we just grin and say oh well.

Yeah, birds eating seeds meant for the lawn/garden. I haven't experienced that problem yet, but I feel it coming since the urban wildlife seems to have now discovered I have a garden.