Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grapes (Blooms for GBBD May)

Okay, I'm sure you know that those are not grapes. It's one of my blooms for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day for May 2008. The weather is starting to warm-up, trees are starting to leaf out, and I mowed the grass for the first time this year. Have a look at what's blooming in North Dakota

Grape hyacinths look nice, but they really are small. I didn't take a photo of the "normal" hyacinths for today, but you can see one in my Mother's Day post.

More Spring bulbs, I haven't identified them yet, but these little white and purple flowers are a nice greeting walking around the garden.

Most of our tulips have not bloomed yet, but this pairing of red and white is going strong -despite the rabbits' efforts. I have noticed some bright displays of tulips in the neighborhood. I might have to replant some bulbs later in the season.

The strawberries are starting to flower. I can't wait until June. These June-bearing plants usually sets fruit near the end of May. I'm not sure if they are later this year or not.

The violas have very pretty faces. These were purchased as already blooming plants a few weeks ago (maybe that's cheating?). I have transplanted some "Johnny Jump-Ups" that I started from seed, but they are still fairly small seedlings.

The first Dandelion of the year (in my yard). I have been spotting dandelion blooms during walks all these last couple of weeks. Just today is the first I have spotted them in my yard. I am happy to report that I also noticed some bees buzzing as well.

Early in the week some of our flowering bushes began to break bud.

We still have ladybugs. I was having a hard time finding them until I went to the grass. That's why I don't always like mowing the grass - even if it's "too" long. Today during my first mow of the year there where many beetles taking flight (at least those will live).

I love the purple chive flowers, but they are not blooming yet. I see some scapes? forming though.

Here's an artificial bloom we found at the store. It "glows" at night. Maybe I will attract some lighting bugs (fireflies).

Oh, and I can't leave out the compulsory first Spring salad made from lettuce that was thinned.


tina said...

Pretty nice for zone 4 and you got me right away with the grape picture! Close enough and very creative! Great pics.

Carol said...

You are right, looking at your garden is like looking at my garden a few weeks ago. You must be VERY patient to wait so long for spring blooms.

Thanks for joining us for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

ChrisND said...

Thanks, I finally figured out why they are called "grape".

That's why Bloom Day is so nice. I can look ahead to what I should expect and can gain support from gardens in the same stage as mine. Thanks for taking the time to visit everyone!

Amy said...

My grape hyacinths are just getting started now too. Mmm..first homegrown salad of the season. Yum!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Great closeup of the Grape Hyacinth. Have you cut a Grape Hyacinth yet to sniff? If you stretch your imagination, they smell like grapes.
Here's my stab at your bulb IDs: #1 possibly Star of Bethlehem, #2 Scilla sibirica, #3 Chionodoxa, #4 looks like a regular Hyacinth.

ChrisND said...


Yes, I can't wait to have more salads from the garden!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter:

You're right the Grape Hyacinth does sort of have a grape scent -- it's lighter than the regular Hyachinth's. Thanks for giving me some ideas about the unidentified photos, I am just getting into the identification game and record keeping :-).

After a little looking based on your comments, I believe that #2 & #3 are Chionodoxa (actually they are the same plant - forgot to mention that), #4 is Hyachinth. For #1 I'm not sure if its Star-of-Bethlehem or a white Chionodoxa.