Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wild Progress

Some warmer May days and we have "wild" progress in the garden. Above is a violet from the yard - one of those "weeds". The garden has been taking off with our warm May days although there are still some threats of frost in the future. Maybe Memorial Day I will put out tomatoes.

Here are a couple of shots of plants returning to my wildflower garden.

In the farthest corner of the yard the ferns are just starting to unfurl. Spring flowering shrubs are beginning to bud and will bloom soon.

In the shadier area the sedum and asiatic lilies are returning.

Here is the cool season vegetables (lettuce and snap peas) on the 18th. I think the cool nights are actually helping...they have grown bounds in the last two days.

More peas and lettuce. I put a flag here to ward off birds. The other pea beds have netting over them because I'm pretty sure the birds were picking on the pea seedlings and cutting leaves off. Whatever the cause, the netting solved the problem.

Kohlrabi and radishes are now getting true leaves and will be ready soon.

More buds on the chives. I enjoyed a baked potato the other day with some chives...didn't realize how good that was.

Thanks for saying "hi" and stopping by. I think the last two weeks of May should be quite exciting. Crops shooting up, planting and transplanting tender plants, getting ready for air conditioning season.


Nancy J. Bond said...

May is such a wonderful month, and your garden seems abundantly full. Love the shot of the violets -- one of my favorite spring blooms. :) Welcome to Blotanical; I don't think I've visited before, but I'll be back! (I'm in NS, Canada, zone 5b, so we're not far ahead of you.)

ChrisND said...

Yes, May is when things start to warm up here. I just noticed that today is the 90% chance of last frost day here, although there was frost last night.

I didn't even realize in the past that those little plants were violets. Now I know what to look for. Thanks for the Blotanical welcome! I have your blog on my regular reading sites list.

chey said...

Your garden looks like it's just starting to come alive like ours here in Nova Scotia. Great photos! I love the wild violets with their light green foliage, and the shot of the unfurling fern.

ChrisND said...

Thanks Chey. I just noticed today a bank of those violets in the neglected strip behind our garage...we are considering what to do with that spot.

I just saw your post with the tulips and realize I'm not behind - it's just the way our seasons are. But now is the time things seem to really speed up. Almost time to plant tomatoes!