Monday, May 5, 2008

Shhh...We're Stalking Squirrel

What's that I spy?

Maybe if I'm very quiet...

Hey...what's that?

Dakota now has a favorite pass-time. Try to sneak up on the squirrel. Actually, I think that we have two squirrels. One climbs over the fence here and also up onto the garage. Dakota just wants to be friends....really.

Dakota will literally will spend hours waiting.

Here's the second squirrel. This one comes from the other side of the yard and hides under our shed. Dakota helped me get close to this one. She was fixed on something I could not see, so I sneaked with her to find this guy (or gal).

It's really quite entertaining. I think that everyone is getting used to each other. The squirrels can't stand on the bird feeder, so they come to the fence and crawl on the ground for the seeds the birds knock out. The dog stares at them, they stare at the dog. The dog lays down to wait, they climb down a few feet away and snack.

Speaking of snacks, this is the bird that is helping me with what I think are "woolly aphids" (here's some other photos).

Here's a little closer photo of the helpful bird.


cindee said...

LOL I can just see Dakota doing that(-: Dogs are so entertaining(-:

ChrisND said...

Yes, it is quite funny. Even though to her it's serious business, which seems to make it more funny. Wildlife and pets provide endless enjoyment.

kate smudges said...

It's hilarious to watch dogs and squirrels ...Dakota has found a great source of unending entertainment.

In my back garden, there is a squirrel who has a natty-looking tail and can walk up to and around my dog. My dog sniffs and then falls back asleep.

There is a squirrel in the front yard, who drives my dog crazy. It is the strangest thing - I have to be careful when I open the door, to make sure the squirrel isn't around. Otherwise my dog would bolt out the door after it.

I was just looking at all of the veggies you have planted. You will have a wonderful garden this summer.

Is your last frost date 10 May? Last night we had frost, although hopefully that will be the last one. It's irritating having to carry plants in and out.

ChrisND said...

Maybe it's a territorial thing. Dakota tends to be more laid back in the backyard (just sneaking up on a squirrel). In the front yard it's "Have to chase it!".

I hope many of my plantings turn out this summer. According to NOAA the 50-50 frost date here is 10 May. I use that for anything that is semi-hardy to cold. Memorial Day or 25 May is the date we will look at for putting out tenders like tomatoes...that's probably the 90% date. Although this year we have been a little below average.

I don't think I would like moving plants in and out a lot, so I don't try to get tender stuff out too early. I'd rather harden things off and leave them.