Sunday, June 1, 2008

Calming Walk

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a nice walk though a wooded river path. It was a perfect day with the temperature in the 70's and slight breeze. Bonus, this time of the year no mosquitoes! I have always liked to explore and a walk in the woods seems to be quite calming.

So, take a walk with me if you will...

Looking up, the sun shines through the canopy.

Each bend of the path promises a glimpse of the river flowing along.

Taking a break by an outlook reveals some ducks only slightly disturbed by my presence.

Walking further reveals a test of skill - a log crossing.

The meditation of walking with natural surroundings is interrupted by a corridor of power lines.

Scrambling on the ground I spot some boxelder bugs.

My excursion was rewarded with images of wildfowers and fauna of the woods.

One last challenge before making it back. The path ran though a stand of stinging nettles. And me in my shorts and bare-footed saddles! I was able to find a branch to push the plants aside and avoid any ill effects.

The ending was almost as exciting as the beginning. A crowded path gives a hint of mystery about what will come around the corner.

I feel happy to have been able let my mind wander and enjoy a nice day.


Connie said...

That was a lovely stroll....thanks!
Where in N.Dak. are you? I grew up there. Email me if you like.

chey said...

What a great walk...thanks for taking us along!

ChrisND said...

Connie and Chey, thanks for coming with. It's always nice to have company!

Connie my walk was in southeastern ND near Wahpeton where we were visiting for the day.

For those not familiar with ND or Google the river is the Red River (of the North), which happens to be a North flowing river. :-)

Connie said...

I attended NDSSS in Wahpeton....many years ago, but grew up in the northwest corner of the state.