Friday, June 6, 2008

Pea Flowers

My biggest news this post is peas! I am happy to see many blooms on the 'Strike' shelling peas and a couple of days later on the 'Sugar Ann' snap peas. So that means peas to eat soon. It is also interesting that the original Sugar Snap peas I planted at the same time are doing fine, but since they are a tall vine variety they will be 2-3 weeks later.

A couple of pea blossoms.

The farthest along Sugar Snaps.

I couldn't resist a morning dew picture. It's challenging to get this one because the sun was behind me.


I figured it's also past time to take some shots of some of our garden spots. Not that we have many yet.

Here's a corner by the house. I think it's shaping up to be a dill forest this year (just wait).

Here's a couple of shots by the strawberries including a side angle of that bed.

The formerly all weedy spot by the garage. Do you like our wonderful bird bath?

A bit closer to the corner. I like how the ferns are filling in. We need to add some mulch and rocks there.


Heuchera micrantha 'Palace Purple' or coral bells. These two have done well in there spots and have been pretty hardy both to the winter and summer.

Large hostas on the south side. We are trying to decide what to do with the open spots between plants.

The chives have started blooming.

And the Allium 'gladiator'. I may have to move some of these since most have not flowered since the first year.

One last plant picture, I still have to find the tag for this one. (Update: I think this is Ligularia)


Nancy Medina said...

Your allium is gorgeous! thank you for sharing your beautiful garden pictures. It is such a treat to look at them.
Nancy in toasty texas

ChrisND said...

Thanks Nancy, I hope to arrange things to have more alliums next year. This time they were shaded out by other plants.