Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Wildflower" Blooms

With onset of summer and hotter temperatures, our wildflower garden has begun to bloom. Of course these are captive wildflowers that we planted from seed in our yard. This spot always has some color and activity. Many of the plants are perennial or reseed. In spring we sometimes sow some annual seeds to ensure a good show.

Here are some shots of the wildflower garden bed.

Sweet Williams

Silene Vaccaria pyramidata (Dairy Pink) [Updated: Thanks Connie!]


Bachelor's Button emerging

Many shades of bachelor's buttons

Many shades of Spurred Snapdragons



Anonymous said...

The wildflower pics are great. What a lovely addition to any garden setting. The wallflower if really nice, but I love orange! :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Chris.....what a wonderful display of wildflowers.....I have many of those species in my garden but it is really great to see someone else going wild!!!!

I love the meadow planting...always a particular favourite of mine. It takes me back to childhood when the fields were full of wildflowers......sadly not seen very often these days.
A great post and a pleasure to read.

ChrisND said...

Perennial: After I wrote that I saw your post on orange, so I thought the last photo fit nice.

Cheryl: Thanks, I am trying to expand that little spot some. I would really like to devote some area to a grassy meadow scene...maybe more of a wildflower prairie scene here.

I think the wildflowers are great, especially if they are native. Easy to maintain and great for the wildlife.

Connie said...

Nice group of wildflowers. The one you thought might be silene looks like Vaccaria pyramidata, DAIRY PINK. I grow this one, and love it!

ChrisND said...

Thanks Connie... I think that you're right - the flower looks like the Vaccaria and it is nice. Glad to get the right identifications.