Sunday, June 22, 2008

Safari Sunday (Too)

Sherry at Q's Corner and Cheryl at My Wildlife Sanctuary decided to do a safari for insects today. I just couldn't resist, so I am making a post about my garden insects. (Above) It seems that one kind of bee (mason bee?) likes the radish blooms and another (honey bee) the chives. Year after year the chives never fail to attract the honey bees. One thing I haven't spotted this year is butterflies in the garden. On to the rest of the captures (for some other shots, see my post Insects - Beetle from Tuesday).

Here's another shot at the radish blooms.

A damselfly resting on what I think is a catch-fly (Silene) Vaccaria pyramidata (Dairy Pink) flower. This one looks different from the one I saw Tuesday. I have spotted one dragonfly this year, but no photos yet.

Just a resting hoverfly.

Thanks for visiting and check out the other safaries.


Anonymous said...

I love the "Insect" Safari pics. The blooms are great too.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Great safari tour.

Deb said...

Wonderful safari Sunday photos. I found you through Q-corner.

ChrisND said...

Thanks everyone for visiting... and letting me know! I hope you have some great finds in your gardens.

Cheryl said...

Hi Christ....It was fun you joined us....I think it is a mason bee.
I to have noticed there are not many butterflies this year.....we had a considerably wet summer last year, I thought they may have caused a problem. Still two months of summer left, a lot can happen in that time. Will you be joining us next Sunday????

ChrisND said...

Cheryl, I will sure try to join next Sunday -- maybe I will make some new finds this week.

I know that the bees seem to be 2-3 weeks behind this year (compared to last year). So, maybe the butterflies will just be later. It won't hurt if I can grow some more attractive plants for the butterflies and bees too.

Connie said...

Nice capture of our friendly pollinators.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I am so happy you are bug hunting too!
Sunday Safari will be extra fun this week.
Thanks for joining in and letting others know how important the bugs are to our world. They are interesting and so beautiful.
I enjoyed your bees...I adore the Orchard Mason Bees. Cheryl told about a bee box and I ordered one. I have Mason Bees now nesting. It is very exciting.
I watch the bees whenever I get a chance. I find bee watching as relaxing as bird watching.
See you Sunday!

ChrisND said...

The bugs and insects do contribute a lot! I will have to start improving our garden's attractiveness to the insects... to do: get bee house, get butterfly house, get more bug friendly plants, plant a pond.