Friday, June 13, 2008

Too Much Rain

Wednesday morning (late Tuesday) we began getting too much rain. I'm not complaining too much because I know there are other with much more than us - and with bigger problems. In the morning when I got up and checked the rain gauge there was 1.7 inches. By the end of the day our total was 2.5 inches.

So, the daily total was a good rain, but not normally enough to cause the flooding you see in our back yard. This has happened a couple of years ago too when the ground was already saturated and we got more rain. Our 14-day total was 6.5" with 3 this last week, 2 the previous week, and around 1.5 three weeks out.

Not to worry, the water has gone down pretty good over the last couple of days. One or two dry days and we should be back to normal - but the grass will really need mowing.

Dakota usually avoids the watered down areas, but in this case there were no options. Towels at the back door for a few days.

A couple of paths were washed out some and the strawberries are apparently in a low spot. I think everything should recover, although some seedlings were tipped over because of the muddy soil.

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