Saturday, April 5, 2008

First Crocus Bloom 2008

Hey, I got my first crocus bloom of the year! I spotted this one in the front just beginning to peak out April 3 and got a shot of it open April 4. My photos from last year show a full set of blooms on the 15th. So, this year has a chance to be similar in timing. But, that's the only bloom so far and the last photo is from today (April 5). It's closed, I hope that isn't an agreement with the weather forecast...More on that maybe tomorrow.

So, is there some gardening signal that says I can plant very early spring crops when the crocus are in bloom? Well the timing will be close -- if you go by soil temperature it's pretty close. At least I can make sure some things are ready to go. Below is a photo of my makeshift pea lattice. I will see if it works. I also have some varieties of peas that only get a couple of feet tall, so those shouldn't need support.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Isn't it exciting to find the first crocus blooming?. It makes you feel like there is life after winter.

I use those same little fences in all sorts of situations. If I want to train my dog to stay out of an area I use them.

You have a pretty dog. I have a similar looking dog. My dog is supposed to be a white german shepherd but the vet thinks she has samoya (sp) in her too. ANyway she is big and furry.

ChrisND said...

That is exactly why I found the crocus to be a must. It is always a fist sign of spring.

You're right, you will notice a few of those little fences to train our "Dakota" out of the garden. She can jump them, but doesn't.

You dog Luna is also very pretty. Our baby is a Siberian Husky.