Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Cleanup Officially Begins

I think that it's official. Spring cleanup has really begun here. The neighborhood was out today raking the grass, sweeping driveways, and vacuuming. Oh yes and plenty of family outings. As you can see I decided to rake some of the yard -- the places where snow was piled just get so much dirt and gravel.

Dakota (that's an original name for our dog isn't it) enjoyed Saturday as the sun had melted the snow we got Friday. I decided that I could get some peas started in the garden today. I should have more planting and Spring plans recorded here in a few days.

In the morning of Friday we found that the weather station indicated snow, because it was white. We were lucky enough to be in a corridor that only got a couple of inches this time. Others were not so lucky with this storm and got over a foot more.


kate smudges said...

It's a great feeling to be able to get out into our garden and start cleaning. I was glad to see that your snow didn't last for too long. We had rain instead.

Was it a gorgeous hot day yesterday? Today is supposed to be more normal temperature-wise... and there is rain forecast.

ChrisND said...

Yes, we really enjoyed today even though it was very windy. The temps were in the high 60F. Finally the yard is drying up and we could just play.

Oh yeah and the garden prep I can do this next weekend.