Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Rock!

We have a happy rock! This pet rock has been passed down from my mother. I loved it as a kid and now it smiles even on the cool and wet Monday morning when I took this picture. Just as well, I'd rather work on a cold wet day than miss gardening on a nice sunny day. My wife saw this huge coffee cup in the store - it turns out to be a planter, so we had to get it.

Blooms other than crocus are just on the verge of showing. A couple sunny days should do it!

Apparently I don't have to be ashamed to love my dandelions.

I wasn't really prepared that the nasturtium emerge with such energy (after 6-days). They were bursting out of the plastic greenhouse cover.

Recently Sprouted:
  • From 04/05/2008
    • Sugar Snap Peas (4/21, 16 days)
    • Snap Peas Sugar Ann (4/21, 16 days)
    • Shelling Peas Strike (4/21, 16 days)
    • Radishes (4/21, 16 days)
    • Swiss Chard (4/21, 16 days)


Meems said...

Wow, North Dakota... you are way up there in the north and I am way down here in the south. Isn't it exciting when seeds sprout? I am just now (after all these years of gardening) beginning to sow seeds and I am loving the challenge. I direct sow all mine... don't think I'd be patient enough to start them indoors... I sure admire you for doing what you have to do to get them going.
Thanks for visiting my Florida blog.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like snow but this time of year I would hate to have that much dumped on us. We are having a cool spell. I worried about the house plants I had put out earlier but they seemed to come through ok. We have one more night that will dip to the 30's. If we don't have the horrid wind all will be well.

It will be a great surprise for you to see how your seedlings fare after the snow. I bet they will be happy and grow like the dickens when the snow melts.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

P.S. Rocks make me happy too.

ChrisND said...

Thanks for visiting everyone!

We have a couple things that have to start indoors because of the growing season length. Otherwise direct sowing is so much simpler. I am also looking into things like winter sowing.

Houseplants and other "warm" season things will have to wait another month for us. The cool season crops seem to be holding up though and I am just getting ready to sow things that can take "light" frost.

Hope everyone's gardens continue to grow.