Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day - July

Happy Independence Day, United States! So...when is this 4th-of-July?
To start, I give you a red, white, and blue theme.

Okay on to a look at our garden at the start of this month. I've noticed some transition in the garden now. The plants of spring have faded and are going to seed...

Summer crops are coming in...Potatoes have buds, kohlrabi is finally forming bulbs - hope they turn out (I think they're late), and spaghetti squash is starting to take off.

Nasturtium are blooming now.

Some lilies are blooming...these have tall flower stems.

Common evening primrose...these seem to be pretty prolific. I don't know where they came from, but last year we had them. Sources say moths pollinate the flowers and last year I did catch a Sphinx moth in the fall.

Heuchera in bloom.

These started to bloom. I haven't taken time to figure out what they are, but I like them. The foliage has some interest, especially before the plant started to bloom.


Cheryl said...

Hi Chris what a wonderful red white and blue theme....may I wish all my american friends...happy independence day...

This is such a lovely post, lots of different things going on....

evening primrose is a favourite of does attract moths and is a useful plant. The fragrance is wonderful in the evening, especially if it is warm.....I love the fragrance, I wish someone would bottle

Your garden looks so fresh and inviting....I have enjoyed my walk with you...thank you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Independence Day Chris! Love your red, white and blue flowers. I don't know what that last blue one is, but it is pretty. Looks like your summer veggie crop is doing well. Have a good weekend.

ChrisND said...

Thanks for the happy wishes Cheryl. I was getting close to the primroses the other day a did notice the fragrance. They are on the side of the house, so I have to take a special trip to visit those -- yeah on our urban lot.

Perennial Gardener, hope your weekend has been great...with your expectations for cherry tomatoes soon! Hopefully our cucumbers take off and catch up to the winter squash.