Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Safari - Bees

Once again I'm out to find some insects in the garden. It has been a hot weekend. This last week I have spotted some new bees visiting. This guy above and the next two pictures below is kind-of funny. I am lead to believe it is a male leaf cutting bee (genus Megachile)...I haven't see any cut leaves though.

Here's a better view of his back...

In this shot you can see the front leg (with the whitish hair puff) cleaning the antenna. I guess these ornamental front legs are characteristic of the males.

I got a bumblebee! I head it "bumbling" and had to run for the camera to catch evidence it was here.

I spotted this larger type of hover's much bigger than the normal ones like in the next shot.

One of our "normal" hover flies.

Look who found the brassicas.

Look who grew up from last week... okay I'm betting it's not the same individual.

Just a damsel.

Thanks for stopping go see what's in your garden!


Cheryl said...

Lovely to see the bees in your garden Chris......they are lovely photographs. I am so glad you joined in with the Sunday safari...its lovely popping over to see what you have found.

Love that last little fellow....

Anonymous said...

Great insect pictures as usual Chris. Looks like your garden is attracting all kinds of creatures.

ChrisND said...

Cheryl: It is exciting to see what others have living in their gardens. I'm glad we have some bees -- I hadn't realized how many different bees and hoverflies there are.

Perennial Gardener: It's great to learn how to provide a habitat for something in a more urban setting. I just have to educate my family that most of these guys are perfectly harmless.

kate smudges said...

I just came from Lisa's blog at Greenbow and saw bees there too. I love working out in the garden and watching the bees flit from one flower to another. The sound of them makes me happy ... a garden teeming with life.

ChrisND said...

Hi Kate. It's great to see the different bees at each of the blogs. You're right, it's a happy feeling to know that there is life in the garden.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
It is exciting to have Sunday Safari with you. Seeing your bees makes me feel so happy. I think your large Hoover fly is a Mason Bee? Looks like my little darlings!
I am in love with the little Mason Bee. Cheryl introduced me to the Mason Bees and to bee boxes. Mr. Bumbles is very fancy too.
Your gardens are rich in color! A healthy bee population means healthy gardens!
Happy hunting! See you next week I hope.
On bee wings,

ChrisND said...

Hi Sherry! I'm going to have to do some research and do a bee box...I just looked up your post at the start of June and it was great to see the bee house populated. I like having the bees around. I will sure try to do a safari next week.

You're right that the one hover fly looks sort of like a mason bee (that's why I had to go check out your bee pics). I'm a beginner at the insect id thing...maybe a nice book will help. But I think that the eye shape and the antennae make my guy a fly. I have had at least one mason bee visit though.

chey said...

The first two shots of the bees on the blooms are incredible. Definitely up close and personal!

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