Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bloom Day July 2008

It's already been a month since the last Garden Blogger's Bloom Day?? This event takes place thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens. (Go there to visit many other gardens in bloom this month.) I have to say that since June it seems that a lot has happened on the bloom front.

The wild flowers are blooming and setting different stages every day. Our "tiger" lilies and other lilies are also blooming. Let's take a stroll to see some highlights...

Morning glories...I like those heart-shaped leaves and the tightly closed blooms during the day.

Dill...such a nice scent and attractive to many insects. This year we have some fern-leafed variety, but I might try to go back to a traditional or giant type.


Allium...a common onion.

Seed sown marigolds are blooming.

Blue forget-me-nots...a great color, but have to be careful of the dried seeds.

I was surprised that these flowers returned from what I though were annuals last year.


We planted these nasturtium throughout the yard and they look great.

Rudbeckia are now blooming...a couple different varieties.

Some other purple blooms...tansy and alyssium.

I'm not sure there is much to add to these. I've seen many daylilies blooming, but the one's in our yard are not yet. Check back as the blooms should change a lot over the next month as well.


Anonymous said...

Great post Chris. I love all your GBBD blooms. Everything looks healthy and happy!

Cheryl said...

Wonderful blooms Chris and so varied......Tks for pointing out the tansy, I have that in my garden and didn't know what it was...I do now.

ChrisND said...

Perennial Gardener: Thanks...the garden has done well so far this year, and it tends to make me happy too (so I'm glad the garden looks that way).

ChrisND said...

Cheryl: Yeah, I think that looks like a purple tansy...a little different from the yellow ones I see. I think it is a plant that the bees like, so I'm glad it's here. Happy to contribute ;-)

Carol said...

I saw your comment that your coneflowers aren't blooming yet. Summer comes late to you, doesn't it? But you've got a lot of nice blooms right now.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

ChrisND said...

Thanks for visiting once again Carol...Summer is definitely here, but yes my coneflowers take their time. I have seen some blooming in town...today mine are almost there!